The Penny Arcade Archive


As both a big fan of Penny Arcade and a web developer who wanted to learn AJAX I decided to re-design some aspects their website as a personal project. more »

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Burrito Me


Burrito Me – a small taqueria in Laconia, NH founded by cousins Aaron and Reuben – wanted a website that looked great, was easy-to-use, mobile-phone friendly and tightly-integrated into social media. more »

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The Tripatorium™


The Tripatorium™ is a blog that collects pictures, videos, games and YTMND's that are trippy, strange and help liberate the mind from it's ordinary restraints. more »

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Lego Letterpress by Physical Fiction

Lego Letterpress by Physical Fiction

Physical Fiction’s work combines two things I adore – letterpress and pixel art – and the first thought that popped into my mind after seeing their prints was ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’  No matter, they are for sale and very very affordable.  I just ordered the ‘Inteceptor’ print for the respondcreate offices (read: our apartment) and can definitely see myself purchasing more in the future as new prints are released.

A commenter on Gizmodo said: “They need to combine several more memes/geek fetishes to make this marketable. Like prints of star wars posters done on a lego press. Or something involving tetris.”

I couldn’t disagree more; I love how they’re creating fresh, original imagery in an old aesthetic and am excited to see what they’ll come up with next.

[ Physical Fiction via Gizmodo]

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Having issues in IE with jQuery?


I work on a Mac and often times I won’t test in IE until I have a sizable chunk of the coding completed.  There’s a benefit and a curse in this.  The upside to this mode of working is that I can just concentrate on writing web-standards code and let my creative drive (along with a healthy dose of caffeine) fuel my push to complete what I’m currently working on.  The downside is that I can sometimes run into issues with my sites not working in IE that could have been easily zeroed in on if I had been regularly testing throughout a project.

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Photographs of Tokyo by Thomas Birke

Thomas Birke - Tokyo

These long-exposure photographs by Thomas Birke of Tokyo at night are all-at-once sterile and alive.  He was able to pull off a difficult feat: coaxing out beautiful, rich imagery from drab, often-overlooked, subject material. Click through to see more.

[ Tokyo: Urban Neon Nights ]

Posted in on September 27, 2010 by respondcreate gets a facelift after five long years of the same design. more »

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Becky + Stefan’s Wedding Invitations


After only a couple of email exchanges, Becky and Stefan struck us as a laid-back, easygoing, fun-loving couple. more »

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Matt + Kerri’s Wedding Invitations


Matt - a professional bassist, and Kerri - a vocalist and theatre-buff, wanted a wedding invitation design that reflected their shared love of music without registering on the cliché-o-meter. more »

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Simple, Straight-Forward Information Architecture


Information architecture sits at the core of great web design and, sadly, is often overlooked on small and medium sized websites. What follows is a brief overview of what IA is and some tips on how to apply it’s core principals into your existing work-flow so you end up with better organized, more user-friendly websites.

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Beautiful Photography from the National Geographic Archives

Curled Fern

Pokkisam culled through the National Geographic Archives and pulled some exceptionally beautiful images.  This unopened fern was my favorite of the bunch.

[ Pokkisam's National Geographic Selects ]

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