The Penny Arcade Archive

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As both a big fan of Penny Arcade and a web developer who wanted to learn AJAX I decided to re-design some aspects their website as a personal project. more »

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Burrito Me

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Burrito Me – a small taqueria in Laconia, NH founded by cousins Aaron and Reuben – wanted a website that looked great, was easy-to-use, mobile-phone friendly and tightly-integrated into social media. more »

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The Tripatorium™

Your presence is requested at The Tripatorium™.

The Tripatorium™ is a blog that collects pictures, videos, games and YTMND's that are trippy, strange and help liberate the mind from it's ordinary restraints. more »

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Becky + Stefan’s Wedding Invitations

Becky + Stefan: Lovebirds on a mossy oak.

After only a couple of email exchanges, Becky and Stefan struck us as a laid-back, easygoing, fun-loving couple. more »

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Matt + Kerri’s Wedding Invitations

Matt & Kerri's Invites: Open

Matt - a professional bassist, and Kerri - a vocalist and theatre-buff, wanted a wedding invitation design that reflected their shared love of music without registering on the cliché-o-meter. more »

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