you + respondcreate = true love?

We don't want to be a one-size-fits-all company. We're actually quite certain we would fail miserably if that's what we were aiming for. respondcreate isn't just one of a single handful of design companies — we're one of a PLANET-ful — and we're at peace with the reality that how we work isn't going to mesh perfectly with everyone. Below is some information that will hopefully help you figure out whether or not we'll be a good match for each other.

just friends true love

I want to hold the reins.

I can describe — in great detail — what I want the finished product to be like. I have a very clear vision in mind, and I would feel most comfortable holding the reins and managing the project

I want to hand over the reins.

I know what I like, but I'm definitely not sure of what I want the end-product to be. I would feel most comfortable handing over the reins and letting someone guide me through the process.

I want something recreated.

I found something I love and I'm hoping to have someone customize that exact design for me.

I want something created from scratch.

I'm hoping to have someone create something especially for me that is uniquely reflective of me and/or my business.

I want something traditional.

I want the finished product to have a traditional feel to it. I would prefer to stay away from anything too unconventional.

I want something unconventional.

I want the finished product to have an unconventional feel to it. I would prefer to stay away from anything too traditional.

I am interested in DIY.

I would enjoy doing some of the busywork myself.

I am not interested in DIY.

I'd prefer that someone else take care of as many of the ins and outs as possible.

Let's be friends.

If you're finding that you're falling more into the 'just friends' category, it doesn't mean we think you're lame or not worth working with. It just means we believe if you keep searching, you'll find another company that's better suited to meet your needs than we are. The reason we've taken the time to lay out all this information is because we don't want you to end up getting locked into something you may eventually feel isn't working for you. We like honesty, even if it means we're encouraging you to work with a company other than respondcreate.

Could it be LOVE?

If you're connecting more with the statements in the 'true love' category, we suggest you get over to our hire/contact page right away and get this ball rolling! We see great potential for a beauuuuutiful partnership. Seriously. Send us your information.

Unsure? — If you're split down the middle and just not quite certain about whether or not we'd be a good fit, no worries! Head over to our contact page to say hello. We're always happy to chat, and you can trust that we'll let you know if we think it would be better for you to stick with us or look elsewhere.